Sampling Instructions

Collecting your sample correctly is critical to valid laboratory results. Because each test has unique sampling requirements, your order may contain a variety of bottles. Before use, store bottles in a clean, dry area, avoiding extreme temperatures.

Below are instructions for the most commonly used procedures; if you are sampling for an unusual analysis and are not familiar with the appropriate sampling technique, or if you are not sure which bottles to use, please call Client Services for more information on proper sampling. Incorrect sampling may cause your sample to be invalid.

Client Connect Instructions

General Sampling Guidelines

Sampling Guidelines for General Chemistry

Sampling Guidelines for Lead and Copper Rule

Sampling Guidelines for Microbiology

Sampling Guidelines for Minerals, Metals, and Radiologicals

Sampling Guidelines for Semi-volatile Organics Compounds

Sampling Guidelines for Volatile Organic Compounds

Please call Client Services for any questions you may have regarding your samples. Call 559-497-2888 or 800-877-8310, 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.