BSK Analytical Laboratories Tutorial

Thank you for choosing BSK Analytical Laboratories for your analytical needs. This tutorial will walk you through our laboratory process. See our FAQ's for more detailed information.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Account
If you are a first time client, we will need to set up your account. Please fill out our Terms and Conditions form and Credit Application form. Then, return them to the lab via fax, mail, or email to our Client Services department.

Step 2: Choosing Your Analyses
Do you know what you need to analyze your sample for? See our Analytical Services for a listing of the different analyses we can do. You must request specific tests to be run on your sample -- we cannot test for "everything" or "all contaminants". If you need guidance, contact your regulator, local county or state health department, or a consultant.

Step 3: Prices
If you need a quote or a copy of our fee schedule please contact our Sales department.

Step 4: Ordering Sample Containers
You need to put your sample in specific containers, depending on the type of testing you need. If you are familiar with the bottles you will need, see our online Bottle Order form. Or, if you need assistance, contact our Client Services department.

Step 5: Sampling / Documentation
Be sure you know what containers to use, and how to properly fill them. Fill out a Chain of Custody form completely. Return it with your samples. If you need assistance, contact our Client Services department or see our example.

Step 6: Returning Samples
Keep samples cool using blue ice or wet ice after sampling. Bring in to the lab ASAP if you live within driving distance. (See our locations) Or, ship samples back to us using an overnight courier.

Step 7: Your Report
Our standard turnaround time for work done at the lab is usually 2-3 weeks. For subcontracted work, allow longer. We will mail out your final report and invoice to the address noted on your Chain of Custody. See our FAQ's for more information about your report.